Distance Learning Instructions for Students:

1. Students with Instruments and Technology Access at Home: Download FlipGrid app or log in to flipgrid.com

Students can complete 3 assignments per week, posted M/W/F on Flipgrid and teachers will give video feedback! Students who complete Flipgrid assignments do not need to complete the alternative assignments (practice logs, etc.)





2. Alternative Assignments in place of Flipgrid:

If students do not have access to this technology, students should log 4 practice log/listening log assignments per week. Students WITHOUT instruments should complete 1 listening log assignment AND 1 writing prompt per week. 



3. Additional FUN links for you and your instrument!!

Scroll down to select a piece by Brian Balmages and select your instrument...then play along with your part and a recorded band track while Brian Balmages himself conducts!! Check it out!

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