NOTE: Please WAIT for your child to receive his or her instrument assignment from one of the directors to rent/purchase an instrument. 


Beginner students do not need to have an instrument on the first day of school! After you have received an instrument assignment from your directors, you have three options:

1. You can utilize our Instrument Rental and Purchase Night to set up a Rent-to-Own Plan with one of our sponsoring music vendors, who offer all approved instrument brands! (PREFERRED AND MOST CONVENIENT.)

2. If you are selected to play an instrument that is only provided by the district/school (tubas, euphoniums, bassoons, bass clarinets) then you can set up your school rental plan on Instrument Rental and Purchase Night.

3. You can utilize our DD2 list of approved instrument brands to purchase your instrument through vendor of your choice.  

            PLEASE NOTE: The DD2 Approved Instrument List includes the reliable, teacher tested brands for each instrument. If you find an instrument on ebay, Amazon, etc. please beware of brands that are not listed and used instruments in general. You will be more likely to need repair sooner for a cheaper instrument and often repairs will cost more than the instrument is worth!